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About us

We are different and think differently!

This characteristic shapes everything we do and is the reason why we never stand still and always strive for improvement. Where others continue to tread predefined paths, we pave new paths for forward-looking solutions. While the majority of the metalworking industry is still on its way to digitalisation, we have already been working at the state of Industry 4.0 since 2013. In order to give our innovative structure a fitting framework, we built a new administration and production building in 2010, which perfectly reflects our company philosophy in its unusualness, transparency and efficiency.

Our vocation 

Spring plungers – Whenever something snaps into place (clicks) or is positioned, spring plungers, locking devices or locking bolts are usually used. SDN is one of the few manufacturers of spring plungers, locking and fastening elements with its own product design and product catalogue. The development, design and manufacture of these components is our speciality.

In addition to the standardised catalogue programme, we develop and produce spring plungers, locking and fastening elements of all types and shapes from a wide range of metals and plastics – in accordance with the wishes and technical requirements of our customers. Whether you need your product as a small, medium or large series: We’ll create your product for you all the way from the development phase through to storage.

You can find more information about our company on our corporate website